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Sweet pastry combined with hazelnuts, roasted and chopped directly at our workshop, are the...

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Le Linguacce

Savoury and crunchy puffs with irregular and elongated shape.The presence of signs on the top is...

Price €3.50

Torta di nocciola

A typical Piedmont speciality, the hazelnut cake, has poor and countryside origins. In the old...

Price €6.70

Brutti e Buoni 200g

The irregular shape of these delicious biscuits makes them appear “ugly”. In this case the...

Price €4.80

Baby Breadstick 200g

The unmistakable taste of the Classici Acquolìni in a smaller size and with iodized salt on the...

Price €3.80

Whole Baby Breadstick 200g

Whole Baby Acquolìni are the mini version of wholemeal breadsticks with toasted wholemeal flour...

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Baci di dama 200g -...

Created by a century-old traditional Piedmontese recipe, the “Baci di dama” are two hazelnut and...

Price €5.10