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Gift box Morbidi alla...

Gift box containing 500g of loose soft hazelnut pastries closed in single-dose. “Morbidi alla...

Price €24.80

Gift box 3 - Cube of Baci...

Contains 1x Classic Baci di dama 200g and 1x Baci di dama with white chocolate and Rum 200g.

Price €18.50
  • Pack

Sweet and salty - Gift box

Contains 1x Classic Baci di dama 200g and 1x Hazelnut cake 50g 1x Salted "Mother-in-Law's Tongue"...

Price €23.50
  • Pack

Handmade Breadsticks box 2

Contains 1x 300g classic breadsticks and 1x 300g venue rice flour and olive oil breadsticks

Price €13.90
  • Pack

Gift Box Hazelnut cake and...

The ideal gift to warm the coldest days. A hazelnut cake with 50% hazelnuts and a hazelnut and...

Price €19.70
  • Pack