About us

The founders Rossana Piana and Riccardo Volpe open their first business after about ten years of training and experience in the pastry and bakery sector. In 1988 “Il Germoglio” was born, a family-run artisan bakery and pastry shop in the center of Acqui Terme. The choice of high quality raw materials combined with the production capacity gained over the years allowed the business to expand. The volumes increase, but care and dexterity continue to be the strengths of the quality of their products. In 2000, the small business became a company, becoming "Il Germoglio dei Sapori", Grissinificio and Pasticceria Pastificale. The main products are the breadsticks called “Acquolìni” with seven taste variants, while for the pastry the Baci di Dama, the Kifferi and the Brutti e Buoni, but the passion for research and production of new products never fails. Today the company has a new 1300sqm site in the industrial area of ​​Acqui Terme. Here we produce breadsticks, still using the traditional hand-pressing under the direction of Riccardo and refined tea pastry and rustic with traditional methods, under the guidance of Rossana, mechanizing exclusively the processing phases that do not alter the original taste of the products. The selection of customers is done with care, choosing only representatives and sales points that make quality their strength.


Visit our web site WWW.GERMOGLIODEISAPORI.IT to learn more about us.